Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jack Gaffney - Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Jack Gaffney is a young singer/songwriter from Boulder, Colorado. His new independently-released album is called Nothing To Be Afraid Of. It's five original songs are mediocre mainstream fare, ably produced. Sound like thousands of other unsigned recording artists working hard in the music business? Sure, but Jack is different. How? Well, did I say he was young? I meant very young, only 12 actually.

Like Neil Diamond before puberty and cigarettes, Gaffney belts out his own rock and roll love songs with a clean soprano voice. He's a good singer and obviously a very talented, hard-working young guy. Any 12-year-old who writes, records, and...More

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Voices Of The Archetypes - Deena Chappell Smith

Voices Of The Archetypes is a smart, eclectic blast of psychedelic folk music. You could call it a concept album, the concept being the quirky subconscious of charismatic singer/songwriter Deena Chappell Smith. It's loaded with stories told in clever poetry and a wonderful palette of sounds. With all its bounciness and humor you might think you're listening to music written for children. I could see a child being mesmerized by Smith's lovable songs but this is definitely a full-fledged, grown-up endeavor. It's sort of like adult music for the kid in all of us. Hey, it worked for...MORE