Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blld - Materia Prima

Progressive rock aces Blld play with so much intensity on Materia Prima you might need an intermission to collect your wits. It's like experimental rock concentrate, hours of artistry boiled down to just 20 minutes of potent fusion syrup. This album is not easy listening. In fact, this style might call for a new label along the lines of “tough listening.” That's not a put-down at all, it's a way of saying Materia Prima is decidedly not smooth background music. Layers of atmospheric sounds, off-kilter grooves, and bizarre melodies intertwine like a long-unattended garden growing out of control. It challenges the listener and pushes buttons and boundaries.

Blld is a duo project from experienced progressive rockers Markus Reuter and 05ric, aka Ric Byer. Both musicians have been out there making exciting new sounds for some time, and have teamed...More

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